Eurovision Winners’ NFT Auction Raises $900K for Charity


Kalush Orchestra, the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, have successfully auctioned off an NFT for charity. The auction was held on MetaHistory — the official Ukrainian charitable NFT museum – and raised $900,000 in cryptocurrency for Ukraine.

MetaHistory and Kalush Orchestra’s NFT Charity Auction

The largest European crypto exchange originating from Ukraine, WhiteBIT took home the iconic crystal microphone trophy. The auction on the MetaHistory platform raised $900,000 with the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 prize sale.

WhiteBIT simultaneously broke two Ukrainian records. They made the most expensive (500 ETH) purchase of NFT and it’s the largest amount of donation during the live stream. The company has a goal to spread blockchain technology and expand the cryptocurrency community, and perhaps it was this that inspired them to establish a record and give the largest donation to support their country with cryptocurrency.

“WhiteBIT is grateful to the global community for supporting our country during this difficult time. As Ukrainians, we want our Western partners to know that Ukrainian businesses and entrepreneurs are also investing all their resources to maintain the fighting ability of our brave soldiers. The decision to donate in this auction, organized by the Kalush Orchestra, was completely conscious and thought-through. Indeed, $900,000, even for a crystal microphone, is a lot. But $900,000 to help the Armed Forces is only a small portion of the full contribution of all Ukrainians towards our common victory,” – said Volodymyr Nosov, CEO of WhiteBIT.

At the same time, Kalush and MetaHistory’s ambitious collaboration does not end there. Co-founders of the Kalush Orchestra, the Ukrainian music label ENKO has begun production of a music NFT album with invited famous Ukrainian and foreign artists. All funds raised also will go to support Ukraine.

“Enko always tries to be ahead of others, this determines the leader. Therefore, I am very glad that we became an co-creator in such a historic event and record in the form of a result. I am grateful to the crypto-community and personally to Vladimir Nosov of Whitebit for such a strong gesture. I especially want to mention MetaHistory, because I express my gratitude to VK for his proposal to do this event together. I can only add that Enko, MetaHistory and OhMyGod agency are planning something that will break all the patterns and limits. Stay tuned,” – said Kateryna Dmytrenko, CEO Enko music label (Kalush Orchestra label).

The team of the community agency OhMyGod helped with the marketing of this event and supported the charitable initiative.

With this latest move Ukrainians are once again demonstrating the benefits of NFT. In March, MetaHistory successfully launched its NFT collection of artworks, raising $800,000 in donations for Ukraine. The unique MetaHistory platform dispels stereotypes about NFTs and promotes them as timeless and significant modes of communication with the world. The platform shows an example to the whole world that NFTs can be useful, and their momentum to become a national NFT platform is increasing.

“As the founder, I am happy about the historic event that took place on the MetaHistory platform, because so far no one has minted the Eurovision trophy before. I am grateful to the crypto-community and personally Volodymyr Nosov CEO of Whitebit, for their participation and passion to win. The money raised will definitely be part of a joint effort to help our homeland in this terrible aggression. MetaHistory will continue to develop its work to show the world that NFT can be more than a speculative asset,” – said VK, the CEO of MetaHistory.


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