Becoming A Pro Bitcoin Trader: Which Skills You Need to Succeed


Bitcoin can make you some serious money, and it doesn’t require many resources to get started. 

However, you need to know what you’re doing if you want to be a successful bitcoin trader, and this guide will give you some excellent tips on how to do just that! Read on to learn more about the skills required to be a pro bitcoin trader, and which tools and strategies you should focus on learning! For a better experience in bitcoin trading, you can join a reputable community like Bitcoin Prime.

Investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrency is still risky—but, as we’ve seen with altcoins and Ethereum, there are ways of mitigating that risk. If you’re willing to work hard and be open-minded, you can start making money on crypto by getting some of those skills mentioned above. Read on to know more in detail!

1. Market Research Skills

To succeed in any industry, you need to be able to spot opportunities and respond quickly. Market research can help you do both. As part of your own personal research, keep an eye on market trends and industry movements—and follow along with what others are saying about them. If an unexpected event occurs (for instance, if big news comes out that changes investor sentiment), your chances of success increase when you’re aware early on. 

2. Technical Analysis

After you have gotten over your initial learning curve with charts, it becomes much easier to spot patterns and signals. Making proper use of technical analysis skills is of utmost importance. Technical analysis focuses on indicators that show where price has been and also indicates areas where it could go next. The following indicators are most commonly used: Moving Averages, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Bollinger Bands, MACD Indicator, Stochastic Oscillator or Momentum Index. 

3. Data Analysis

There are tons of different metrics that traders look at in order to make educated trading decisions. Some of these metrics include price change, volume, market cap, and many others. These stats allow us as traders to see what areas may be falling out of favor with investors, which could indicate an opportunity for shorting. However, it’s not just about deciding when and where to get in on a potential long-term trend—it’s also about knowing when and where you need to sell your assets. Trading decisions based solely on emotion or hubris can result in bad calls or failure to cut losses quickly enough.

4. Psychological Skills

Emotions and trading have an interesting relationship. There are times when emotions can help you become very successful in trades, but there are also times when emotions will lead you to make some costly mistakes. One of the most common elements of emotions is fear. 

Fear of missing out (FOMO), fear of being wrong, and fear of being unloved can all lead to decisions that may not be in your best interest. If you think that it’s OK for bitcoin prices to continue fluctuating as they have been, then you’re going to be riding on some serious FOMO if bitcoin falls back down into those lower price ranges again.

5. Risk Management

The cryptocurrency world is much like traditional stock markets. When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, the market can be volatile quite often. This means you can invest during all times of day and night. That’s how long-term investors make money — they buy and hold. 

As you decide what coins to purchase, be aware of their volatility so that you don’t have unwanted surprises down the road in terms of value drops and losses (the same goes for crypto vs crypto trades). Plus, as with any market trading style, always use stop losses so that you cut your losses when things don’t go according to plan!


As bitcoin trading becomes more common, it’s important for new traders to know what skills they’ll need. It’s also important for veteran traders to maintain their edge and stay up-to-date on trends. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve some experience, taking note of these aforementioned skills will help you stay competitive in an increasingly tech-driven world.

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